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Performing Arts
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Performing Arts

What’s on? Search, find and book opera, ballet, dance, cabaret and other live shows in your city of destination.

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Painting by Amadeo Modigliani 
fetches €158.4m at an 
auction in New York, setting
a world record for the artist. 
It's the second highest
price, ever made for a work 
of art at auction.

London takes a bite of the
Big apple: Dr. Nicholas 
Cullinan, curator at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art,
is appointed Director of the
National Portrait Gallery.


Meet Agnes Husslein-Arco, director of the magnificent Belvedere in Vienna.

Jean-Paul Cluzel, President and CEO of the Grand Palais in Paris and Managing director of the Reunion des Musées Nationaux.

Paul Salmona, director of the museum of  art and history of Judaism,  Paris,  explains how  one of today's greatest collections of  Jewish rituals and religious practices came into being only 15 years ago.

Catherine Chevillot has the chance to reasses plans for the future of the Rodin Museum.

Rose-Marie Mousseaux, director of the Cognacq-Jay museum unveils the hidden jewel of the Marais.
Divento talks to Philippe Bélaval, President  of  Le Centre des Monuments Nationaux. 


Discover permanant collections in peace with new later closing times at Paris Museums!


Our picks for Berlin, Barcelona, Florence and Prague

Best Sellers

  • Marché Raspail, Paris: All year Marché Raspail, Paris: All year
    Visit the bio Raspail market in Paris: you'll find fresh bio produce, homemade pastries and beauty products.
  • Sagrada Familia, Barcelona: All year Sagrada Familia, Barcelona: All year
    World Heritage Site, La Sagrada Familia is a huge Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona. It's considered famous architect Antoni Gaudí’s chef-d’oeuvre.
  • St. Ouen flea market, Paris St. Ouen flea market, Paris
    The St. Ouen flea market in Paris, is huge and sells almost everything imaginable.
  • Prague Castle, Prague: All year Prague Castle, Prague: All year
    The Prague Castle is probably the most significant Czech monument and one of the most important cultural institutions in Prague.
  • The Dancing House, Prague The Dancing House, Prague
    The Dancing House, or Nationale-Nederlanden building, designed by Frank Gehry, stands out as a non-traditional building among Prague's typical Baroque,...