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“For me, it’s very important to turn Kiev into one of the main centres of contemporary art in the world. There is New York. There’s London. And there will be Kiev. Everyone will come and say, “Wow!” - Victor Pinchuk 

Kiev is a celebration and an education rolled into one; a unique display of east meeting west and past meeting present. Having harnessed a rich political and religious history to reinvent itself into the vibrant capital that it is today, the city represents value for money on all fronts. Since its foundation in the 5th-century, it has been both a cultural and religious epicentre of Eastern Slavic civilisation. In recent years, the city has held its own against its European neighbours without sacrificing these Slavic roots, keeping its unique identity alive with a diversity of museums, galleries and memorials. Although there is no shortage of the golden domed churches and Soviet architecture synonymous with Eastern Europe, some of the city’s lesser known buildings and backstreets are the most intriguing show of its culture. Beside Baroque palaces you will find swathes of street art and trendy brunch spots tucked behind contemporary art galleries. Museums celebrate and recreate folk culture, whilst others mourn Ukraine’s darkest hours.

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