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« From Stettin to Trieste, an iron curtain fell on the continent » - Winston Churchill

As the capital of Fruili,  Trieste is a great destination for its historic treasures, artworks, architecture and literary cafes. Filled with museums and art galleries, the city holds many collections of artistic and historical importance for you to enjoy. When wandering in the streets of Trieste, you will notice 18th century architecture mixed with historic ancient Roman buildings like the Arco Riccardo, the Roman Theatre and the Cathedral of San Giusto. Also known as the City of intellectuals, you can take a break from visiting and enjoy the cafes of literature the city has to offer where many renown writers came to visit like Claudio Magris and James Joyce. Located on the coast of Italy with a major sea port and breathtaking reefs, Trieste is perfect mix between urban city and nature.


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