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« The street of Toledo are extremely narrow : we could hold hands from one window to another » -Théophile Gautier 

Toledo is one of Spain’s oldest and most unique cities and is just an hour from Madrid. It was made a World Heritage Site in 1986.  

It was known as the “Imperial City”  because Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor held his court there until 1560 when it was moved to Madrid. You may also hear it called the “City of Three Cultures” because it was inhabited by, and influenced by Christians, Jews and Muslims. This compact city, which was Spain’s capital until 1560, is bursting with history, cultural festivals and authentic food.

Toledo’s historic centre is full of  ancient landmarks. Make sure you don’t miss the huge Alcázar stone fortification, or Toledo’s Cathedral, the Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo.

Make sure you try some of Toledo’s marzipan which is famous for the way it’s cut into animal shapes such as pigs and bears, or get your own souvenir sword at one of Toledo’s souvenir shops!

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