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"Spring in Brittany is milder than in the vicinity of Paris, and blooms three weeks earlier. The five birds that herald it, the Swallow, the Oriole, the Cuckoo, the Quail and the Nightingale, arrive with breezes that lodge in the gulfs of the Armorican peninsula." - François René de Chateaubriand, Memoirs from Beyond the Grave, Volume 1. 

Brittany, a region in the far west of France, is a hilly peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Its wild coastline, stretching as far as the eye can see, amazes locals and visitors alike.  There are seaside resorts such as the chic town of Dinard, the corsair city of Saint-Malo, built on the shores of the English Channel, or Bénodet, rocked by the swell of the Atlantic Ocean. The magnificent pink granite coast, which stretches from Trégastel to Perros Guirec, offers a long hiking trail where you can admire the unique colours of the sand and rocks. Brittany also has a large number of menhirs dating from prehistoric times, such as those of the Carnac alignments, which have not yet revealed all their mysteries.

Rich in singular geographical destinations, Brittany brings travellers together by revealing its many facets. From the oceanic lands of the western tip, through the woods of Broceliandea veritable green lungto the small ports of Cornouaille.

A true emblematic region of French gastronomy, its salted butter, its crêpes and its unique Kouign Amanna clever combination of butter, flour and sugarwill delight your taste buds! Whether it's at the bend of a bay, a gulf, a cape or a salt marsh, Breton culture will remind you over and over why this destination is right for everyone.


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