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Normandy, for me, is, first of all, a sky. I know that many people dream of flying. There, I just have to look up for a while to go back in time and feel a kind of peace spreading inside me, and tell myself that, deep down, what counts is this immense thing that goes beyond us and envelops us. - L'Esprit de famille - Janine Boissard, French writer.

Normandy is a region in northern France. Its varied coastline includes white chalk cliffs and World War II beachheads, including Omaha Beach, the site of the famous D-Day landings. Off the coast is the rocky island of Mont-Saint-Michel, atop which stands a Gothic abbey. Rouen, dominated by Notre Dame de Rouen Cathedral, is the city where the military leader and Catholic saint Joan of Arc was executed in 1431. Normandy is therefore one of those regions where, in the space of a few days, it is possible to visit emblematic places full of history.

In black and white or in colour, in 35 mm or in digital, hundreds of films have been shot in Normandy since the invention of cinema by the Lumière brothers. Famous for its landscapes, its lights and its heritage, this region of France attracts the directing and production teams of the greatest filmmakers. From Caen to Dieppe, via Cherbourg, Rouen, or Yvetot, follow in the footsteps of these magnificent film locations.

Four Days in Normandy


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