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Milazzo is a city suspended between myth and history, between the real and the fantastic and perhaps due to the mild climate and the idyllic landscape it's earned the name of "Aurea Chersonese". According to the legend, Ulysses met the Cyclops here.

The city of Milazzo dates back to the 9th century BC, in the era of Greek colonisation. Several civilisations have since followed Roman, Carthaginian, Byzantine, and Arab. The Milazzo Castle is a good example of the many influences that have marked the city: it was built around the year 1000, and later underwent Norman, Swabian and Aragonese changes, as Milazzo hosted historical personalities such as Roger the Norman, Frederick II of Swabia, Alfonso of Aragon, and Charles of Anjou, to name a few.

Today you can admire the ruins of historic buildings, as well as the numerous churches such as San Francesco da Paola or the modern Cathedral. For those who want a more active day, trekking routes are also available.

From the "Peninsula of the Sun", you can easily reach the Seven Sisters, the Aeolian Islands either by ferry, ship or private boat.


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