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"When I die, Dublin will be written in my heart" James Joyce

Dublin was the setting of many of James Joyce’s celebrated literary works. In fact, the city has a world famous literary history, producing figures such as William Butler Yeats, Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde. It is easy to see why – the capital of Ireland is full of magical cobblestone streets and you are never far from breathtaking coastal views.

Dublin, which in Irish means ‘black pool’, is on the east coast of Ireland on the mouth of the River Liffey. The city can trace its origins back over 1000 years from a small Viking settlement to the city it is today. It’s rich history means there are many historical sites dotted all over the city, such as Aras an Uachtarain , the residence of the president of Ireland and of course the city’s oldest landmark, Dublin Castle  which dates back to the 13th century . Today the city is a refreshing mix of old and new – the modern tech area of Dublin is right next door to the charming architecture of traditional Georgian Dublin.

The city’s newest monument is the Spire of Dublin, also known as the Monument of Light, which is a stainless steel spire that marks Dublin’s place in the 21st century. Don’t let Georgian splendour or industrial steel pipes of the Guinness factory fool you – Dublin is a young and vibrant city. There is a flourishing cultural scene, from theatres to art galleries, such as the Irish Museum of Modern Art, to live music in the streets. From the hip wine bars of the Dublin Docklands to the thriving contemporary art scene, Dublin has a lot to offer in terms of both historical and contemporary culture.

What’s more, Dublin is in keeping with the rest of the Emerald Isle – it has more green spaces per kilometre than any other European capital city.  A particular favourite among Dubliners is Phoenix Park, one of the largest walled city parks in Europe, which boasts Dublin Zoo and one of the largest herds of urban deer in Europe. Along with the nearby mountains and dramatic coast line, this goes to show that Dublin is a city that offers both urban pleasures and outdoor adventure.

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