Budapest for the fashion forward

Budapest for the Fashion Forward

The Hungarian fashion scene has long struggled to evolve, with concepts seemingly in favour of distinctly separate feminine and masculine dressing, leaving little room for progression. However, in the last few years there has been maturation in design vision, catalysed by the innovation of rising designers in the country’s capital, Budapest. has spent the week exploring the fashion scene in Budapest, and brings you three boutiques to convince you of Hungary’s potential as a rising locus of fashion in Europe.



Not vintage, not high end, just stylish, modern fashion. Látomás sells carefully staff-selected pieces, handpicked from a pile of worthy local designers. There are three Látomás stores around the city, in the fashionable downtown area, and each store is small and to the point: chic, modern fashion, no labels, no fuss.


Nanushka Budapest

Nanushka is the brand genius of designer Sandra Sandor. After training at the London College of Fashion, Sandor travelled the world and brought back her memories and cultural insight through her clothing designs. Sandor’s brand is available for purchase online and some stockists around the world, such as Bergdorf Goodman, but Nanushka Budapest is her only existing store.


Lollipop Factory Budapest

Lollipop Factory is something different for Budapest; the store has a heavy focus on street style and off-the-cuff fashion. The pieces found in this store are effortlessly bold, carelessly stand-out. The women’s pieces lack femininity, but in a good way; the store looks to move away from traditional Hungarian fashion concepts.

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