A day in the capital’s heart, the City of London

The City of London is where business and culture collide to form the heart of this historic capital. Whether you want to learn more about its ancient past or simply enjoy meandering the shops, there is something here for you.


By Kate Pesenti

The City can be overwhelming with its relentless energy and the unending number of places to visit. But as every Londoner knows, the boundaries are clearly marked by its guardians: thirteen iron statues of dragons who protect the City and the people inside it. Keep an eye out for these creatures and you’ll know you haven’t lost your way.

The first stop we’d recommend is the monumental St. Paul’s Cathedral. With one of the highest domes in the world, it has towered above the London skyline since 1697 and endured fires and the Blitz. As a home to prayers, history and some beautiful gardens, it welcomes all types of visitors.

If you’d prefer something a little more contemporary, the Tate Modern is just a few minutes away over the Millenium Bridge. Dedicated to some of the finest international modern art, it’ll give you all the facts you’ll need to tell your Warhol from your Wentworth at your next dinner party.

All the world’s a stage, and the Globe is one of the finest. Follow the Divento map and you’ll soon find this thatched open-air theatre. Catch a play or a tour and before you know it, you’ll be fully immersed into Shakespearean England. 

Feeling peckish? The Divento itinerary recommends the Borough Market. It’s right next door and home to almost every cuisine under the Sun. Get there early for the widest choice - the sweet potato fries are popular for a reason and they’re one of the quickest to go!

We all love a lazy afternoon of shopping and Butler’s Wharf is here to provide it. A simple stroll away from Borough Market and you’ll soon find its selection of luxury stores and restaurants. With bold flower shops and the more delicate cafés, it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours. 

Alternatively if you want to plunge into the dark side of London’s history, look no further than the Clink. Detailing the more gory side of the City’s prison, this museum tracks the lives of the debtors, drunkards and destitute who used to live here. Although you might not want to stomach it straight after lunch, it’s bound to be a family favourite.

Stepping back across the river Thames for a fifteen-minute walk and it’s impossible to miss the Leadenhall Market. Its beautifully designed ornate hall is easily recognisable from its appearance in the Harry Potter films, but its everyday role is to host some of the finest fashion and food shops in London. If you’re planning on treating yourself, you have to make sure you do it here. 

Finally, Divento's planner recommends ending the day with a short stop at the Whitechapel Gallery Café and Bar. Its warm lighting and friendly waiters are ready to welcome any weary traveller. Whether it’s with a chilled glass of wine or an indulgent hot chocolate, it’s guaranteed to relax you after a full and memorable day.