One day in the centre of Lille

Thanks to its cultural vitality, its quality of life, its economic dynamism and its festive energy, the city of Lille is now the capital of the Euroregion. This city is full of places to discover and exciting events. Whether you are in Lille to visit, to shop or for a weekend, Lille has plenty to offer! Indeed, many rankings list Lille among the best cities in France (and even in the world!). If you're wondering what to do, where to eat or which places to visit, you've come to the right place! Divento will guide you on a perfect day in the centre of Lille!

By Lise Hostyn

Start, in the heart of downtown Lille, with the unmissable Grande Place, also called Place du Général de Gaulle. It is without a doubt the place that most of the inhabitants of Lille pass by at one moment or other. It also serves as the hub of the city between the train station and the Old Lille. Built in the Middle Ages as a market, today it features the column of the goddess commemorating the heroism of the inhabitants of Lille during the 1792 siege by the imperial army.

Just opposite, the Vieille Bourse remains the richest symbol of this period. Built in 1653 by Julien Destrée, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful monument of the city. In its courtyard, you will find bookshops, and in summer, tango and Latin dance demonstrations.

A little further along the Rue Nationale, you will find the statue of P'tit Quinquin designed by Eugène Déplechin. It is a tribute to the song of the Lille poet Alexandre Desrousseaux, whose bust overlooks the statue of P'tit Quinquin.

Walk for 10 minutes and take a short coffee break at Homa Café, you won't be disappointed! You can choose between a simple coffee, a hot drink, an iced tea and, if you are feeling peckish, do try their lovely snacks!

If you're in the mood for shopping, head to the ready-to-wear boutique Au Bonheur de Sophie. Located on rue Pierre Mauroy, you are bound to fall for one of the many trendy pieces available in this chic place! Don't forget to stop by the Méert and Les Vins Gourmands boutiques to bring home some great souvenirs from the Lille region!

For lunch, don't miss the chance to have lunch at Quai 38. It is one of the best restaurants in Lille where you can taste the typical French cuisine based on seafood and fish dishes. If you're not too keen on seafood then head next door to Le Coke, a delicate and fragrant bistro in a beautiful setting! 


With a full belly, you're ready for a great afternoon! Continue on your way to the Belfry of Lille, built between 1924 and 1932, which is now on the Unesco World Heritage list. You will have access to a splendid panoramic view of the city.

A visit to the Natural History Museum of Lille is a good option to continue the day. Located in the rue de Bruxelles since 1896, you can discover large collections around four main themes: naturalist, geological, ethnographic and industrial objects. Nature lovers will be delighted!

End your day in style with a drink and one (or more) board games at La Luck. It's a great place to have fun while drinking and eating good home-made food.