Brunching in Barcelona Brunching in Barcelona


It’s no secret that the Spanish like to stay up late, but luckily armed with this list of cafes and restaurants you have every excuse to embrace the lazy lie-in and roll out of bed in time for everyone’s favourite meal of the day: brunch. 

Barri Gotic: Milk

Tucked away in the tiny streets of the Gothic Quarter, this cafe-cum-cocktail bar makes up for in character what it lacks in size.

Eixample Esquerra: Ugot

Like your tea out of mismatched china and your cakes garnished with rose petals? This quaint bruncherie is perfect for lovers of all things vintage and, sitting so snuggly on the street corner, it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been there forever.

Eixample Dreta: Alsur Café

This is the one to go for if you just need to relax. They’re not going to judge you when you order your fourth coffee just to be able to lounge on their sofas for another half hour.

Sant Antoni: Federal Café

One thing you can’t fault here is the selection of drinks. In addition to the regular coffees you’ll find a huge selection of teas, fruit juices and smoothies which will make you feel a little bit less guilty about ordering one of their incredibly popular Federal Burgers.

El RavalCaravelle

Cafe by day, restaurant by evening, bar by night. Caravelle has got you covered!

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