Chantilly Forests, France: All year
Chantilly Forests, France: All year

Only a stone's throw away from the noise and stress of Paris, Chantilly's forest shines like a jewel.

If you’re a nature lover or you just want to get away from the stress, noise and crowds of city-life (and who doesn’t?) then Chantilly’s forest is for you. Once a part of the Condé estate and created primarily for the purpose of hunting, this forest now belongs to France’s national parks service. Broad, clearly marked paths run throughout thousands of acres pointing your way to sacred Celtic stones and long forgotten landmarks. Perhaps you’ll stumble into the famous Etangs de Cornelles, a little château built in the 12th century now known as the Castle of the White Queen. Perhaps you might find a herd of grazing deer. Perhaps both; in any case, you’ll definitely find some me-time in one of France’s most enchanting forests.

So picture this: an early morning mist sifting through an ancient forest. The rising sun casting its gentle rays through the haze. The warm light illuminating the vibrant mossy green and yellow flowers on the forest floor. Now put yourself in that picture: calm, relaxed, cell-phone turned off. Sound good? We thought so.

And if you're looking for a cultural kick, don't miss the Condé Museum in the Chantilly Castle!

Chantilly Forests, France: All year
Chantilly Forests, France: All year
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