Roman Pantheon, Rome: All Year

Get ready to see an unforgettable historical monument!

Originally commissioned by Marcus Agrippa, the Pantheon has plenty of history to display.  This magnificent dome shows the glories of ancient Rome created by the mastermind and incredible ability of Roman architects.

The history of the Pantheon is quite fascinating and unique.  This ancient temple was built during the Reign of Hadrian as a worship place dedicated to multiple Roman gods and goddesses.  Ever since the Renaissance, it’s main purpose was a burial site for important Italians such as Raphael.  Today mass is held in this spectacular architectural accomplishment.

The architecture of the Pantheon is the most enchanting.  The dome is supported by arches and fancy Corinthian columns made of granite with a large pediment on top in front.  The most interesting part is the oculus!

The oculus allows light and rain water to enter.  A great way to see the true beauty of the Pantheon is early in the morning, when the sunlight is pouring in! 

It is very easy and convenient to visit the Pantheon!  It is open to the public with no admission charge. This site is truly remarkable and astonishing as you step into a tremendous cultural and architectural achievement by the Romans.

The Pantheon

Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Rome

Opening and Closing Days and Times

Monday-Sunday 8.00-19.30

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Roman Pantheon, Rome: All Year
Roman Pantheon, Rome: All Year

Opening Hours

08:30 - 19:15
08:30 - 19:15
08:30 - 19:15
08:30 - 19:15
08:30 - 19:15
08:30 - 19:15
09:00 - 17:45
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