Kontakthof, Palais Garnier, Paris: 2 December 2022-1 January 2023

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In Pina Bausch's Kontakthof, all the elements that characterise the German choreographer come together: love, angst, violence, desire, sadness and also considerable humour. Don't miss this incredible performance of the Paris Opera season 2022-2023.

Kontakthof is the third piece by Pina Bausch to enter the Paris Opera Ballet's repertoire. All the elements of the German choreographer's universe are present: love, anguish, violence, desire, sadness but also a great deal of humour. In a set by Rolf Borzik - a large ballroom with grey walls - men and women in their Sunday best meet, cross paths, clash and look at each other. The dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet will be performing this major work demanding immense expressiveness and revealing the personalities of each of the performers.
  • Kontakthof

    New to the repertoire

    Registered music

    • Choreography:

      Pina Bausch

    • Set design and Costume design:

      Rolf Borzik

    • Lighting design:

      Jo Verlei

Rafal Milach / Magnum Photos / OnP
Rafal Milach / Magnum Photos / OnP

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