Peter Grimes, Palais Garnier, Paris: 23 January-24 February 2023

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Invited to the Paris Opera for the first time, Deborah Warner directs this production of Benjamin Britten's opera Peter Grimes, preserving all the mystery of this complex work. Book your tickets now for the performances at the Palais Garnier.

Benjamin Britten's first operatic masterpiece, Peter Grimes, marks the revival of English opera, which had almost disappeared since Purcell. With its exceptional tragic force, the work is striking for its refined orchestration, both subtle and elegiac, and for its pervasive lyricism offering vividly true psychological portraits. Joana Mallwitz directs a superb cast led by Allan Clayton in a production by Deborah Warner, unanimously acclaimed by critics and audiences alike at its premiere in Madrid and its revival in London.
  • Peter Grimes

    Opera in one prologue and three acts (1945)

    After George Crabbe

    • Music:

      Benjamin Britten - (1913 - 1976)

    • Libretto:

      Montagu Slater

    • Conductor:

      Joana Mallwitz

    • Chorus master:

      Ching-Lien Wu

    • Director:

      Deborah Warner

    • Set design:

      Michael Levine

    • Costume design:

      Luis F. Carvalho

    • Lighting design:

      Peter Mumford

    • Video:

      Will Duke

    • Choreography:

      Kim Brandstrup

    • Peter Grimes:

      • Allan Clayton

    • Ellen Orford:

      • Maria Bengtsson

    • Captain Balstrode:

      • Simon Keenlyside

    • Auntie:

      • Catherine Wyn-Rogers

    • First Niece:

      • Anna-Sophie Neher

    • Second Niece:

      • Ilanah Lobel-Torres

    • Bob Boles:

      • John Graham-Hall

    • Swallow:

      • Clive Bayley

    • Mrs. Sedley:

      • Rosie Aldridge

    • Reverend Horace Adams:

      • James Gilchrist

    • Ned Keene:

      • Jacques Imbrailo

    • Hobson:

      • Stephen Richardson

Rafal Milach / Magnum Photos / OnP
Rafal Milach / Magnum Photos / OnP

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