Bobbi Jene Smith, Palais Garnier, Paris: 17-30 March 2023

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Bobbi Jene Smith, a young American choreographer invited to the Paris Opera for the first time, offers a creation in her sensual, tribal and theatrical style. A former dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company who trained with Ohad Naharin, she opted to embark on her own creative journey in 2014. Through her theatrical writing and her search for authenticity of gesture, Bobbi Jene Smith explores the masculine and the feminine and portrays characters who tell moving stories with their bodies.


  • Music:

    Maurice Ravel - (1875‑1937)

  • Choreography:

    Bobbi Jene Smith

  • Conductor:

    Joana Carneiro

  • Artistic collaboration:

    Or Schraiber

  • Set design:

    Christian Friedlander

  • Lighting design:

    John Torres

Rafal Milach / Magnum Photos / OnP
Rafal Milach / Magnum Photos / OnP

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