Museum of Roman Civilization, Rome

This museum is devoted to promoting and preserving ancient Roman civilization.

Come visit the Museum of Roman Civilization to be immersed in Ancient Rome!  Although the museum housed many ancient pieces since 1911, it wasn’t officially recognized by the Italian state until 1955.  The museum is unique as it illustrates and models Ancient Rome.

The museum is divided up into 59 sections displaying Ancient Roman life and culture.  The two most popular attractions are the Column of Trajan and a scale model of Imperial Rome.

The model of Imperial Rome is approximately twenty by twenty meters.  This model shows Rome during the reign of Emperor Constantine I in the early 4th century.  Created by Italian archaeologist, Italo Gismondi, it took 36 years to construct.  The model is very fascinating as visitors have the opportunity to see what Rome was like centuries ago.

Trajan’s Column is very intriguing for first timers to the museum.  The column is divided up into smaller reliefs to be viewed at eye level.  Visitors can view the spiral reliefs up close to see all the detail. 

Visitors are able to see the progress and development of Ancient Roman Civilization in the collections here.  Although the museum is temporarily closed for renovations, it is a great way to explore ancient history!

Museum of Roman Civilization

Piazza Giovanni Agnelli, 10, 00144 Rome, Italy

Museum of Roman Civilization, Rome
Museum of Roman Civilization, Rome

Temporarily Closed !

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