Roman Forum, Rome: All year

The Roman Forum: Ruins of the Ancient City

The Roman Forum, dating as far back as the 7th century BC, is the remains of the heart of the incredible Roman Empire. Even in such an historical city as Rome, the Forum gives another meaning to the word “old”.

Stepping through these ancient ruins, there is an ethereal sense to the crumbling architecture and the once grand columns and pillars. Once the socio-political hub of ancient Rome, now it is our clearest glimpse of the grandeur of the fallen empire.

Holding a history of pagan gods and their imposing temples, political ingenuity beyond its time, architecture surviving fire, war, and millennia; here are some of the most impressive landmarks of the Forum.

The Arch of Titus - a beautifully intact arch of triumph dedicated to the military victories of the Emperor Titus.

The Curia Julia- a senate house built in 29 BC by Octavian and later restored after a fire by Diocletian in 283 AD. It is home to beautiful frescoes and floor mosaics.

The House of the Vestal Virgins. The Vestal Virgins were ancient priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. It is believed that these women were assigned the duty of keeping alight the fire that supposedly kept the city and greater empire safe. The flame was also believed to be a symbol of the continued virginity of the Vestal Virgins. If the fire were to go out, the “guilty” priestess suffered live burial as punishment.

Local tip: to avoid the long queues of the main entrance, follow via di San Gregorio south of the Colosseum for about 100 metres and use the lesser known entrance to the right. If you’ve walked under the aqueduct you’ve gone too far.

Roman Forum

Via della Salara Vecchia, 5/6, Rome, Italy

Opening Times

Every day

November 1-February, 15 8.30-16.30

February 16-March, 15 8.30-17.00

March 16-March, 31 8.30-17.30

April 1-August 31, 8.30-19.15

September 1-September, 30 8.30-19.00

October 1-October, 31 8.30-18.30

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Roman Forum, Rome: All year
Roman Forum, Rome: All year
Roman Forum, Rome: All year
Roman Forum, Rome: All year
Roman Forum, Rome: All year
Roman Forum, Rome: All year

Opening Hours

09:30 - 19:15
09:30 - 19:15
09:30 - 19:15
09:30 - 19:15
09:30 - 19:15
09:30 - 19:15
09:30 - 19:15

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