The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

In 1895 shortly after the death of Emperor Alexander III, his son and heir of the throne - Czar Nicholas II - signed a decree to build, in memory of his father, in the capital of Russian imperial the St. Petersburg Museum of Russian Art.

Three years later, on the 7th of March 1898, the doors of the Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg were opened to the first visitors of Russia's public museum of national art. The State Russian Museum - the world's largest collection of Russian art.

The museum's collections comprise about 400 000 items, presenting works of all the major trends and schools of Russian art, all of its forms and genres from the X to the XX century.

Every year the museum has about 30 temporary exhibitions. The Museum is housed in four buildings located in the historical center of St. Petersburg: The Stroganov Palace, The Marble Palace, The Mikhailovsky (Engineers) Castle and The Mikhailovsky Palace.

The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg
The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

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