Cambridge Science Centre, Cambridge

The Cambridge Science Centre, originally located on Jesus Lane in Cambridge, is the city's first interactive science museum.

The centre opened its doors in 2013 with the aim of providing STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) opportunities for everyone. Through interactive and thought-provoking exhibits, the museum sparks scientific curiosity with a changing selection of exhibits.

The initial exhibition space was opened by the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, Leszek Borysiewicz. His first exhibition was on the electromagnetic spectrum and the principles of sound and hearing. Everyone can participate, including families and schools, and especially children aged 7 to 14. An ideal activity to do with your children!

The company was founded by Dr Chris Lennard and Dr Katia Smith-Litiere, who were supported by technology entrepreneurs including Chairman David Cleevely, Hermann Hauser and Jonathan Milner. In December 2016, the exhibition space was closed for relocation. During this relocation, the Cambridge Science Centre had been running a series of pop-up science events known as “Street Science”.

RockwoodLM17/Wikimedia CC BY-SA 4.0
RockwoodLM17/Wikimedia CC BY-SA 4.0
 Cmglee/Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0
Cmglee/Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0
 Cmglee/Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0
Cmglee/Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0

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