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FREE INTRODUCTORY OFFER, VALID UNTIL MARCH 2022 or the first 20 destinations which apply

Join our existing partners which include The National Trust and The Historic Houses Association.

Go Global with Divento.com

More than 600 million foreign tourists visit Europe every year. They spent €301 billion in 2016.

Divento.com helps you reach this valuable market, by offering your destination a unique itinerary planner which helps tourists plan their stay in advance or on the move. It takes into account the dates of their visit, the opening and closing days and hours of the sites and attractions in your region and their geographical location. Our web-based app is in ENGLISH FRENCH, SPANISH, ITALIAN, RUSSIAN AND CHINESE. Not only will it bring you more tourists from all over the world,  but our itinerary planner encourages them to stay longer in your area and enables them to pack in even more activities.

How it works

Chose Destination

1- step 1 choose destination and map or

Chose Dates

2- step 2 dates, travelling mode, start

Chose the kind of things they like to see and do

3- step 2 choose themes.PNG

Our algorithm calculates the best route depending on opening and closing days and hours and geographic location.

Divento.com authentication

itineray 1.PNG

itineray 2.PNG

Or tourists can view and select attractions of your region from a map, then chose their dates

16- click on pins on map to see info and

Our algorithm will calculate the best itinerary for them.

Our algorithm can do far more than that, but that’s enough to show you how invaluable it is to a foreign tourist.


If tourists are going to use our algorithm for your region, we need to be able to access your data. So all you need to do is

  1. Provide the data on the attractions in your area (format to be advised)

  2. Agree to promote the itinerary planner on your site and through your social media channels

Don’t forget the offer is limited to the first 20 applicants in the UK, so hurry while it lasts.


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