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Fiona Scott- Lazareff

Fiona Scott Lazareff


Fiona started writing about money and finance in NYC, before abandoning it to move onto Food, Fashion and Foie Gras when she launched Boulevard Magazine in Paris in the 90s. After editing 15 other print publications,  she went digital in 2001 in the dot-com boom. In 2008 she rescued the fledgling Divento.com when it was chucked out of its cradle by Vivendi Universal. DiventoV3 was hatched in May 2018 with an algorithm which generates the most efficient itinerary for tourists, using a long list of variables,  which are the ingredients of a secret recipe.

Fiona is the founder of the Techpreneur’s Awards for Women,  which takes place annually in the House of Lords; and the yearly  “Le Bal des Debutantes”, cited as being “one of the world’s hottest social events” by Forbes. She is also a pilot and an amateur equestrian sportswoman, (triple Champion de France, side-saddle)

Marie Koziol

Marie Koziol

Currently studying at Sciences Po Paris, (France’s incubator for the French elite in everything from politics (the last  seven French Presidents to the who’s who in art, culture and fashion…) Marie loves to learn about new things. From Economics to Political Science, but also ‘Culinary Diplomacy’ or Photography, she’s curious about everything. She played the violin for nine years but clearly didn't become the new Mozart. This Frenchie enjoys traveling around the world to discover new gems.

Currently in London for one year, she’s falling in love with it ( or maybe its Pimms). She might miss her Normandy, its coasts and cows, but at least she won’t be surprised by the rain.

Tsvetelina Ognyanova

Tsvetelina Ognyanova

Tsvetelina hails from Sofia, Bulgaria. We were a bit worried about pronouncing  Tsvetelina’s name correctly, so we settled for “Lina”. A shame considering 'Tsvete' means flower and her family name comes from 'Ogun’ which means ‘ Fire.

Lina is passionate about exploring cities and their different cultures, making her first trip to Malta when she was 18 from which she guards special memories of the Azure Window, (which sadly no longer exists), the  Blue Lagoon and the capital of Valletta, which sparked off her interest in traveling. More recently she has visited  Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Madrid… “You cannot help but fall in love with Europe after you have visited these cities”. For the moment she’s enjoying checking it the latest exhibitions and swimming in the Serpentine, in London.

Jonny Elling

Jonny Elling is from Salisbury, infamous for its alleged nerve-agent poisonings. He remains in good health. Having graduated from Oxford in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and German, Jonny actually began work in the NHS. He joined Divento in September of that year. Other than sitting on his backside, waiting for his dream to come true of being a professional author, Jonny spends his time writing, running, and investing in cryptocurrency. If you want to read the novella he just finished, please do. He would be your friend forever. He spent his university year abroad at Tübingen University, where he kid himself that he could read Hegel in the original (he can’t). Once he went bamboo-boating in China, and it wasn’t even a photo-op.

You can contact him at jonnyelling@gmail.com

Zhong Yu Jun

Zhong hails from China but she’s been travelling for the last three years.  As an artistic soul, Alex loves to play the piano and sing. Zhong loves to communicate with other travellers and to expand her horizons, that’s why she has already been to so many countries like Australia, Thailand, France ,Spain, Italy, Netherlands , Belgium etc.

When asked about her favourite city she says: “Definitely Amsterdam because of its unique vibe (If you know what I mean!) which you can’t find anywhere else!”.

Veronica Castro

Veronica Castro was born in Bogotá, Colombia, but has taken up permanent residence in Spain since 2001. Philologist (University of Barcelona) and translator (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), she has been in charge of Spanish contents on Divento.com for several years, rediscovering the booming city of Barcelona for visitors, and she is also a social media contributor. She has always been a very keen traveller and is particularly interested in culture in general -with a penchant for live music, visual arts and performing arts in particular- cultural events and all things gastronomy.

Veronica has been an ongoing contributor on Divento since 2013.

Runqing Zou


Runqing Is currently studying at  Sciences Po, France’s long-established breeding ground for Frog big shots in everything from fashion (Christian Dior) to politics: France’s current president, (Emmanuel Macron), not forgetting the international money minders, such as three past heads of the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Runqing was born and bred in Fuzhou in the southern part of China, but after 18 years of life there,  and traveling to 11 countries in different parts of the world, she decided to join the international élite by studying  Economique et Société   at Science Po. “Traveling helps me to understand what life is all about:  I love discovering new places and cultures and that’s why I’ve joined the contributors to Divento.com? Runqing speaks fluent Mandarin, English and French.

Yuan Yang

Graduating from Communication and Media School in Leeds University in 2018, Yuan starts a new life to experience challenging things in Media field as a professional editor. Yuan speaks fluent Mandarin, English and Japanese. She was born in the northern part of China and she has lived there for 22 years. After she got Bachelors's degree in English and Japanese, she went to the UK for further studies. Nowadays, she lives in Guangzhou and she pursues a career in new media, providing media operation and integrated marketing for companies all over the world. She wants to use new media methods to spread culture and ideas to travellers and that is why she joined Divento.