Live Life like the Royals in Kensington and Chelsea

Ever heard of the Notting Hill Carnival or the Royal Chelsea Flower Show? This is where it happens. Despite being the smallest borough in London, Kensington and Chelsea is packed with some of the capital’s most famous galleries, shops and restaurants. Opulence is its motto and luxury is its lifestyle so indulge yourself and see the many jewels it has to offer. 

By Kate Pesenti

If you want culture, look no further than the Victoria & Albert Museum. Step in and explore this Divento favourite, which celebrates 5000 years of human creativity, art and design from around the world. Its collection of 2.3 million objects is bound to captivate, and it’s inevitable that you’ll find a sculpture or painting to fall in love with.

You want more? Then enjoy an evening concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Since its opening by Queen Victoria in 1871, this thriving hub of music and film has hosted renown talents. From classical to pop and even rock n’ roll, this is an artistic centre that caters to all. 

If you’d prefer the less man-made aspects of beauty, you must go for a wander in Hyde Park. Around every corner is another delight, including but not limited to the Rose Garden, Speakers’ Corner and the Diana Memorial Fountain. Dogs are allowed so this park is guaranteed to be a family favourite. 

Using the Divento map, you’ll soon encounter the Wellington Arch at the edge of the park. Inside its spiral staircase might be long, but it’s well worth it to see the crystal-clear view of London’s parks, the Houses of Parliament and maybe even the Changing of the Guard.

We all know a walk can build an appetite, so if you get hungry you must stop by the Kensington Crêperie. Bringing a touch of French class to London with its ratatouille and salmon, it’s sugar, lemon and banana will also satisfy your sweet tooth cravings - and they’re known for their generosity with chocolate. 

Need to find the perfect souvenir for a loved one? Then head on over to the Medici Gallery shop, it’s right next door. As an award-winning card shop, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal gift, ranging from antique Victorian prints to charming stationery. 

If you’re longing to splash the cash, then use the Divento map to lead you on a quick tube ride to the Portobello Market. There’s something here for everyone with all different types of fashion and food. Check out the Divento planner for more details and before you know it, you’ll be impulse buying all through the afternoon.

Finally, no trip to London is complete without going to a traditional British pub. The Duke of Wellington is right there to serve you all the classic English scrub: sausage and mash, cod and chips - and don’t forget the unmissable apple crumble - it’ll make sure you end the day full and royally satisfied.