Cendrillon, Opera Bastille, Paris: 23 March-28 April 2022

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With Cendrillon, Jules Massanet offers us one of his most attractive works, quite unlike other operatic adaptations of Charles Perrault’s fairytale. Don't miss out and book your tickets now!

  • Cendrillon is one of Massenet's most charming works, a delicate comedy full of humour, poetry and magic. The composer displays an inexhaustible melodic vein and multiplies stylistic borrowings, from the Baroque to the fantastico-romantic, by way of Viennese classicism and Rossinian bel canto. Tarra Eraught and Anna Stephany make their Paris Opera debuts under the baton of Carlo Rizzi in this new production by Mariame Clément, who, after her enchanting Hänsel and Gretel in 2013, is once again exploring the world of the fairy tale.


    Opera in four acts
    After Charles Perrault

    • Music:

      Jules Massenet - (1842-1912)

    • Libretto:

      Henri Cain

    • Conductor:

      Carlo Rizzi

    • Director:

      Mariame Clément

    • Set design:

      Julia Hansen

    • Costume design:

      Julia Hansen

    • Lighting design:

      Ulrik Gad

    • Chorus master:

      Ching-Lien Wu

  • Cast

    • Cendrillon:

      • Tara Erraught

    • Madame de la Haltière:

      • Daniela Barcellona

    • Le prince charmant:

      • Anna Stephany

    • La fée:

      • Kathleen Kim

    • Noémie:

      • Charlotte Bonnet

    • Dorothée:

      • Marion Lebègue

    • Pandolfe:

      • Lionel Lhote

    • Le roi:

      • Philippe Rouillon

    • Le Doyen de la faculté:

      • Cyrille Lovighi

    • Le Surintendant des plaisirs:

      • Olivier Ayault

    • Le Premier Ministre:

      • Vadim Artamonov

    • Six Esprits:

      • Corinne Talibart

      • So-Hee Lee

      • Stéphanie Loris

      • Anne-Sophie Ducret

      • Sophie Van de Woestyne

      • Blandine Folio Peres

Cendrillon, Opera Bastille, Paris: 23 March-28 April 2022
Cendrillon, Opera Bastille, Paris: 23 March-28 April 2022

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