Belvedere 21 (c) Johannes Stoll, Belvedere, Wien

Belvedere 21, Vienna: All year

A short walk from the Belvedere, the Belvedere 21 is interesting both for its original design as well as its  collection of contemporary art.

This impressive building was the Austrian pavilion for the World Expo held in Brussels in 1958. The Belvedere 21 earned the Austrian architect Karl Schwanzer the Grand Prix of Architecture for its ingenious design. The building was later transferred to Vienna and today is home to a museum of contemporary art. Since 2002 it is part of the Belvedere. Adolf  Krischanitz, a disciple of Schwanzer’s, was responsible for its remodeling and adaptation in 2011.

The venue houses a collection of Austrian art dating from 1945 to the present day, complemented by works of contemporary art from the Belvedere. It also has a café-restaurant and a movie theater, in addition to the temporary exhibitions and events that are organized regularly.

Divento recommends...

Watching one of the films screened at the Blickle Kino – a cinema that dates back to the 1950s– and then have a Viennese coffee on the fabulous terrace of the sculpture courtyard.

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Belvedere 21

Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Vienna 

Belvedere 21 (c) Johannes Stoll, Belvedere, Wien
Belvedere 21 (c) Johannes Stoll, Belvedere, Wien
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By on 25 May 2017 (Belvedere 21, Vienna: All year) :

Visiting the 21er Haus

I have been to the 21er Haus and it was awesome! The collection included works of art by great artists and it gave us an overview of what contemporary art really is. The Viennese coffee was a big plus, not only for its incredible taste but also for the location in which it was served, the terrace of the sculpture courtyard. The experience was absolutely positive and everone that goes to Vienna should not miss it!!

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