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“Night doesn't fall in Rome; it rises from the city's heart, from the gloomy little alleys and courtyards where the sun never gets much more than a brief look-in, and then, like the mist from the Tiber, it creeps over the rooftops and spreads up into the hills.” Caroline Llewellyn

The cliché “cradle of Western civilisation” is still apt for Rome. Along with Ancient Greece and Charlemagne, the city is one of our most important ancestors. From language to literature, and philosophy to law, Rome is everywhere, even if we don’t see it.

So no visit here is complete without seeing the remnants of Empire: the Pantheon, the Forum, and the Colosseum. But a modern city is also here to be discovered. In 15,000 restaurants, and cafés on every corner, you can enjoy Italy’s most successful export: food and drink. Sights such as the Sistine Chapel and Villa Borghese Gardens speak to Rome’s more recent history as a cultural spring, with traditions in art, music, and architecture. Cultural icons such as Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini have all called the city home at some point.

The excellent weather all year round makes Rome an ideal city for long days out and exploration on foot: maybe the best way to discover any new place.

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